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An initial consultation with our Solicitors about UK Pre-Nuptial Agreements by phone or e-mail is completely FREE.

If you choose to instruct us to prepare your Pre-Nuptial Agreements, we will agree a fixed cost with you.

Why do I need a solicitor to prepare my Pre-Nuptial Agreement?

You certainly can buy cheap DIY Pre-Nuptial Agreements online, or you could even draft a Prenup Agreement yourself. But the dangers in doing so are significant. Downloading an off-the-shelf agreement or trying to draft one yourself is likely to put your assets at risk. You could lose as much as 50% (or even more) of your entire personal wealth, including houses, pensions, investments and savings and a significant chunk of your future earnings. Do you really want to risk losing all that just to save a few hundred pounds?

Instead, our firm advice if you’re considering a Pre-Nuptial Agreement is to consult a specialist solicitor who can make sure your Pre-Nuptial Agreement is tailored to your personal circumstances and is given the maximum chance of being enforceable – or at least having a significant impact on the outcome of any subsequent divorce settlement. The greater your wealth, the more important it is to get proper legal advice on your UK Prenup Agreement.

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